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What Makes Us Different

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We are distinguished by our proven capacity of combining economics with business administration

We advise on the location of business establishments such as bank branches, retail stores and health facilities. In all these cases we analyze the socio-economic profile of the target market. We review the operational systems in the corresponding industry. We combine this with the particular characteristics of the client in terms of strategy, strengths and weaknesses.  The purchase of a lot on PR-167 by Coopaca and the establishment of Pepe Ganga stores in Cidra and Manatí are direct results of this analysis.  Also resulting from this type of analysis was the review of the credit strategy of a financial institution for the fast food industry.

Professional staff with solid academic and professional backgrounds

Our staff members are armed with degrees from Harvard University, Georgetown University, State University of New York, Stony Brook; University of California, Berkeley; and the University of Puerto Rico, as well as years of experience in their respective fields. In particular, we have a strong cadre of professionals who are fluent in Spanish and English.

We focus on helping the client to make decisions, being cautious not to produce documents for the shelves.

We performed a re-engineering of the process to handle child abuse complaints at the Families and Children Administration.  It was an ambitious project, spanning several months.  The project started with the selection of a team of eight persons that consisted of officials from the head office, managerial personnel from one regional office and social workers that directly work the cases.  The results were recommendations not just from consultants, but the entire team, and a smoother transition to implementation.

There work is not prepared for the client, but with the client.

We performed an analysis of health facilities available for sale in the western region of the Island as part of the process of privatization.  We assessed the competition facing our client, Hospital de la Concepción.  We developed different scenarios from actions that could be undertaken by our client and the possible reactions by the competition.  We participated in the negotiations with the entity that gave the guarantee for the AFICA bond issue.  The result was the construction of the Hospital de la Concepción, over highway PR-2 and with an investment of over $40 million.