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Advantage Business Consulting

The best Economic Intelligence source in Puerto Rico

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Who We Are

Advantage Business Consulting is a leading economic and managerial consulting firm in Puerto Rico. We have worked successfully for more than 20 years in Litigation Support, Market Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Economic Impact Analysis and Business Strategy Plans.

Advantage is a company with a strong and proven track record in economic and business consulting. The firm counts on a professional team of recognized leaders in their respective fields. Advantage has more than 20 years of experience in strategic consulting for businesses, as well as conducting market studies, financial viability, economic-impact analysis and business strategies. The company also has a strong record of conducting studies of improvement of processes.

Our Vision

We will be the undisputed leaders in economic and management consulting in Puerto Rico. The most successful and demanding players in the market will want our support. The best professionals will be on our team.

Our Mission

To support business and government decision making with the best economic and management intelligence, at a fair cost, with professional integrity.

Our Values

We are committed to building strong and trusted business relationships with our clients. As effective consultants, our work is based on sound and reliable research so that our clients can make informed decisions.